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  • New Sense - The Ethical Debating Society 12" Red Vinyl
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    The Ethical Debating Society are a DIY punk trio from London, by way of Essex, Kent & Andalucia. Straddling the lines between tuneful lo-fi post-punk and a sound that was once called riot grrrl, their urgent, deconstructed *riot pop* has seen them play alongside indie heroes from both sides of the Atlantic such as Bis, Shrag, Prolapse, The Wolfhounds, Tunabunny, Bastards Of Fate and Jack Off Jill, as well as current bands-to-watch like Witching Waves, Fight Rosa Fight, Little Fists, ILL and Dream Nails. Their split EP with Skinny Girl Diet on Athens, Georgia's HHBTM Records was one of Maximum Rocknroll (and Joanna Gruesome’s) records of 2013, and legendary music critic Everett True has hailed them in The Guardian as heirs of Nirvana, The Cribs and Gossip.

    Following stop-gap odds and sods EP "Hens Teeth" on top Brighton label Tuff Enuff, The Ethical Debating Society are poised to release long-awaited debut album New Sense on London's Odd Box Records in 2015. Across 14 songs the album delivers wry observations of relationships and sardonic notes on modern culture alongside dissections of contemporary politics, both intense and catchy. The music was recorded live and raw at Homerton's Sound Savers studio.

    "It stabs, it scars. It’s fiery. It’s inopportune. It breathes venom in the spaces between the guitar notes. It pummels a dischordancy into the brain. It rattles, it shakes. It’s brutal and Tegan sings like she doesn’t give a fuck for your opinion. It ain’t brutal, cos that’s more of a male descriptor. It’s jittery. It jolts. It’s punk. It speaks out of tune. It speaks out of turn. It splits into disparate identities. It ricochets an agenda of change across your aural receptors. If the band were covered arm to arm in tattoos they’d be hailed as the future."
    Collapse Board

    "Debut album ‘New Sense’ [is] enthralling, fusing the splinters of hardcore’s burnt out stub with the wry post-punk of The Au Pairs or The Raincoats. A band to cherish." Clash Music

    "Pure fire, conviction, positivity and anger." Louder Than War

    "Visceral, guitar-slaughtering ferocity. So much fervour, vitality and energy." SoundsXP

    "A three-piece featuring two guitars and drums, no bass (it worked for The Cramps !) and with vocals shared between Tegan and Kris, they make the most of the supposedly restricted format with a great range of tones, textures and surprises. It’s punk rock without the predictable 1-2-3-4, it’s post-punk without the pretensions, it’s riot grrl without the dogma, and there’s even room for some classic Pop references. Basically, they’re putting their own thing together, it’s inclusive, it’s fun and it rocks ! It’s a glorious racket, but there are also great little tunes running through it all, and the lyrics that you can catch are sharp and snappy. You can pick out different influences at different times, but it doesn’t ever sound like anyone else. They’ve obviously got a broad musical background in their make-up, and it’s this that shines through. On vinyl, you can really hear the nuances and idiosyncracies in a way that, if you see them live, can sometimes fail to come through quite so successfully due to the quality of the PA. This record is exciting, different, thought-provoking and fun. That’s exactly what a debut album should be aiming for!"
    Fear and Loathing zine

    "The bite of Riot Grrrl but with the soft fuzz of imperfection that comes with garage pop. Song melodies are often off-kilter and disjointed, with the throb of bass drum and screamy vocals keeping it raw and fresh." Maximum Rocknroll

    "Am I raging? Am I raving? Honestly, I don’t know. New Sense is at the same time tempting and teasing, thrilling and threatening. For me, the prize is hidden behind the LOUD, but the LOUD is another prize that only becomes apparent after not looking for it, and there I’m back again inside the maze. The thing I was looking for is the ‘polished version’, which cannot exist without contradiction. The Ethical Debating Society leaves me confused, not quite satisfied, curious, even more confused, scared, but also – excited." Beautiful Freaks

    "A musical unit of rare power and direction, liable to hit the uninitiated like a brickbat, offering invigorating punkoid rock that feels direct, inclusive and unafraid to put itself out there without sacrificing the carefully cultivated virtues of abrasion, cynicism, noise. A big arrow pointing forward. Listening to 'New Sense' serves to remind us how rare it is to hear an LP that was actually subject to internal quality control, comprising battle-hardened songs honed into shape through years of playing before the band ever started setting up mics in a studio to get it on tape.

    The band's determination to sound like no one except themselves, and their corresponding embrace of the DIY ethic, is crucial. Though they've captured a fantastic sound on this record (and basically it's one of the most exhilarating 'band in a room' sounds I've heard in an age), such technical accomplishment is offset by the band's belief (oft-stated on stage) that everyone can/should do this - a sentiment that comes across here in the very bones of the recording and performance. For giving us one of this ugly new era's first and most definitive blasts of a kind of music that speaks to a hope that might carry the potential to get us reasonable, everyday people stoked up with a bit of fire and excitement as we trudge through whatever travails face us - as small-on-global-scale gestures go, they've done their fucking best." Stereosanctity

    Vocals/Guitar: Tegan & Kris
    Drums: Eli
    Cover Art: CrashCrush
    Razor Party: Rob McCabe
    Production: Mark Jasper
    Album title: Pete 'Vitamin P' Dale
    Thanks: (see album!)

    Includes unlimited streaming of New Sense via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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childs play 02:37
someday I'll get enough sleep someday we'll get enough to keep someday my dreams will sneak up on your puppets and rip out the seams did you ever feel the urge will they ever feel the surge now or never we'll submerge we'll swim upstream for the infinite team do you think that's true? yeah I do right now I've got a JFK headache right now too much give in my give and take right now we're like a frog in a pan take your head out the clouds put it straight in the sand scrambling to get through before the gates shut they're crossing swords for the final cut a lifetime in the gutter and it's hard to see the stars with your head up the arse of the ruling class you won't find it here you won't find it here you won't find it here creosote ideas
shifting sands red and black taste of victory sings like money step off the cracks face up to the facts burn the books real men are spooks stole my sleep gold to keep dear life is cheap for a mission creep arms up heads down fold into the skyline skewed my eyeline make my byline pissant soldiers necklace the frontier fill out your orders repel all borders stole my sleep gold to keep dear life is cheap for a mission creep this slope is steep no hole too deep while the world's asleep here's a mission creep
cover up 02:29
a440 02:33
razor party 04:39


released June 22, 2015


all rights reserved



the ethical debating society UK

uncool, unconnected, outsider art.

the ethical debating society are Tegan, Kris, Lu and maybe you.

if we're trying to prove anything, it's that music is for everyone to have fun with, not just a chosen few.

"Pure fire, conviction, positivity and anger." Louder Than War

"The sound of excitement, of jubilation, of freedom." Everett True

"A big arrow pointing forward." Stereosanctity
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